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A Checklist of Short Fiction by H. B. Hickey

The stories in the checklist below have been arranged chronologically, in the order that they were first published. Information regarding subsequent reprints is given where appropriate. This bibliography is a work in progress.

"Passage to Beirut"
Mammoth Mystery, March 1946

"Finished by Hand"
Fantastic Adventures, May 1946

"The Perfect Imitation"
Amazing Stories, May 1946

"Roulette and Old Lace"
Mammoth Mystery, June 1946

"The Champ" (as by Herbert B. Livingston)
Liberty, August 10, 1946

"Tip Your Hat to Death"
Mammoth Detective, August 1946

"Practice Lesson"
Mammoth Mystery, August 1946

"Assignment Barcelona"
Mammoth Adventure, September 1946

"Uncle Takes a Hand"
Mammoth Mystery, October 1946

"A Neck for a Noose"
Mammoth Western, October 1946

"The Smiling Wife"
Fantastic Adventures, November 1946

"Diamonds For My Darling"
Mammoth Detective, November 1946

"Out of Character"
Mammoth Detective, December 1946

"A Little Knowledge"
Fantastic Adventures, January 1947

"No Trouble at All"
Mammoth Detective, January 1947

"Forty-Cent Tip" (as by Harrison B. Latimer)
Mammoth Detective, January 1947

"Mr. Wilson's Watch"
Amazing Stories, January 1947

"The Wrong Witness"
Mammoth Detective, February 1947

"...But Is It Art?" (as by Harrison B. Latimer)
Mammoth Detective, February 1947

"Panama Adder"
Mammoth Adventure, March 1947

"Saddles West!"
Mammoth Western, April 1947

"You Smoke Too Much"
Mammoth Detective, April 1947

"The Simplest Thing in the World"
Mammoth Detective, May 1947
100 Sneaky Little Sleuth Stories, ed. Robert Weinberg, Stefan Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg, Barnes & Noble, 1997

"Shades of Henry Morgan"
Fantastic Adventures, May 1947

"The Black Temple"
Mammoth Mystery, June 1947

"Arizona Doc"
Mammoth Western, June 1947

"Photo Finish"
Fantastic Adventures, October 1947

Mammoth Western, October 1947

"Death at Red Hat" (as by H. B. Livingston)
Mammoth Western, October 1947

"The Kill-Joy"
Mammoth Western, November 1947

"The Drums of Murd"
Fantastic Adventures, January 1948

Mammoth Western, February 1948

"To Dust Returneth"
Fantastic Adventures, February 1948

"The Silver Medusa" (as by Alexander Blade)
Fantastic Adventures, February 1948

"The Valley of Betrayal" (as by H. B. Livingston)
Mammoth Western, March 1948

"The Curse of Ra"
Fantastic Adventures, April 1948
Weird Mystery, Fall 1970

"The Friendly Gun"
Mammoth Western, April 1948

"The Furriners"
Mammoth Western, June 1948
American Western Magazine #2, 1950-53?

"Sixgun Ballot"
Mammoth Western, August 1948

"Lazy Man's Way"
Mammoth Western, August 1948

"Friends of the Breed"
Mammoth Western, September 1948

"Hildy Finds His Wings"
Fantastic Adventures, September 1948

"Trouble Will Find You"
Mammoth Western, October 1948

"Killer Showdown"
Mammoth Western, November 1948

"The Eye of Wilbur Mook"
Amazing Stories, November 1948

"Beyond the Thunder"
Amazing Stories, December 1948

"A Place Like Eden"
Fantastic Adventures, December 1948

American Western Magazine #5, ca. 1949

"Border Mission"
Mammoth Western, February 1949
Mammoth Western Quarterly, Summer 1949

"Checkmate to Demos"
Fantastic Adventures, March 1949
Science Fantasy, Spring 1971

"Tin Badge Courage"
Mammoth Western, March 1949
Mammoth Western Quarterly, Summer 1949

"Daughters of Doom"
Amazing Stories, April 1949

"Guns Talk Louder"
Mammoth Western, June 1949

"Destination Doubtful"
Mammoth Western, September 1949
Mammoth Western Quarterly, Winter 1949

"Written in Flame"
Mammoth Western, October 1949

"Don't Trust Me!"
Mammoth Western, December 1949

"The Violent Breed"
Mammoth Western, January 1950

"The Man from Arbutus"
Amazing Stories, March 1950

"You Only Live Twice"
Amazing Stories, March 1950

"Sixgun Payoff"
Mammoth Western, May 1950

"Cosmic Cleanup"
Amazing Stories, July 1950

"The Ice Cream Tree"
Fantastic Adventures, July 1950

"Valiant is the Word"
Fantastic Adventures, October 1950

"To the Victors"
Fantastic Adventures, December 1950
Space Adventure Classics, Spring 1970

"Like a Bird, Like a Fish"
Worlds Beyond, February 1951
Worlds of Tomorrow, ed. August Derleth, Pellegrini Cudahy, 1953

Fantastic Adventures, February 1951

"The Way of a Weeb"
Amazing Stories, February 1951
Amazing Stories, April 1968

"Laughing Matter"
Amazing Stories, March 1951

"Favors Can Be Fatal"
Fantastic Adventures, April 1951

"The Star Grabbers"
Amazing Stories, April 1951
Space Adventures, Summer 1971

"Ride that Stardust Trail"
Amazing Stories, May 1951

"Tails You Lose"
Other Worlds, May 1951

"The Two-Timer"
Amazing Stories, June 1951

"The Sky was Filled with Light"
Amazing Stories, July 1951

"Return Engagement"
Amazing Stories, December 1951

Amazing Stories, March 1952

"Never Turn Back!"
Star Western, April 1952

"Full Circle"
Fantastic, Summer 1952
Fantastic, November 1967
Those Amazing Electronic Thinking Machines!, ed. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, Franklin Watts, 1983

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 1952
Science Fantasy #14, 1955
Operation Future, ed. Groff Conklin, Perma Books, 1955
Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales, ed. Isaac Asimov & Groff Conklin, Collier Books, 1963

"Sucker from Space"
Amazing Stories, September 1952

Authentic Science Fiction Monthly #42, February 1954

"Gone are the Lupo"
Quark #1, ed. Samuel R. Delany & Marilyn Hacker, Paperback Library, 1970
The World’s Best Science Fiction: 1971, ed. Donald A. Wollheim & Terry Carr, Ace, 1971

With special thanks to Herb Livingston, Lew Livingston, Maureen McConaghy and Mike Ashley.

fantasticadventuresoctober1947.jpg (40556 bytes)
Fantastic Adventures, October 1947.
Includes the H. B. Hickey story "Photo Finish".



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